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The Other Side pairs children from elementary school through high school with a local police officer for an intimate conversation about life, love, greatest fears, and tough decisions. The series prompts a personal human-to-human conversation that dives into some difficult topics and discussions, opening the door to vulnerability, emotional highs and lows, and an overall understanding about people in a community.

Extra Cut with David Taylor and Trevon

Trevon shares his greatest fear.

Extra Cut with Sekou and Cpl. Hodges Fahnestock

Cpl. Anothony Hodges shares the scariest thing he has ever done.

Extra Cut with Emily and Chief Laura Fahnestock

Chief Fahnestock shares a very personal recap with Emily about an event that happened early in her career as a police officer.

Laura Fahnestock and Emily

Chief Fahnestock and Emily talk about being young, getting older, “power rings”, having a police officer as a dad, fear of police officers and coming together.

Brian Wohl and Alyah

Sgt. Wohl and Alyah share what it’s like being a teenager, memories from September 11th, and advice for one another.

Brett Kain and Jackson

Officer Kain and Jackson meet for the first time to talk about the scariest things they’ve done, favorite StarWars characters, fears and what it’s like to be a police officer.

Anthony Hodges and Sekou

Cpl. Hodges and Sekou meet for the first time to share with each other the scariest things they’ve ever done, how they both help others and some great advice on approach and respect.

Earl Williams and Keion

In this week’s episode of The Other Side, Cpl. Williams and Keion meet for the first time to discuss personal topics like what they like about themselves, hobbies, and relationships.

Nate Baker and Baylee

Baylee and Officer Nate Baker chat it up this week on #TheOtherSide. Hear about Nate’s experience with pepper spray, his plans to propose, Baylee’s goal to be a surgeon and her advice to Nate on how to make people feel less nervous around cops. #letskeeptalking #goals #advice

David Taylor and Trevon

Trevon and Sergeant David Taylor meet for the first time to talk about the hardest part of being a teenager and a police officer, their greatest fears and advice for one another about judgement and assumptions.

Wayne Sorensen and Olivia

Olivia and Officer Wayne Sorensen meet for the first time to talk about the scariest things they’ve ever done, what they do to help others and advice they have for one another. Olivia shares why she started a charity.

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An original web series produced by Amazing Studios, presented in partnership with Officers Only by Bob Barker Company and the Fuquay-Varina Police Department.

The series aims to bridge communication between generations and highlights the importance of conversation in a complicated world.

The series will run on Tuesdays beginning January 17, 2017. Tune in online at and on Facebook to watch the stories unfold each week.